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Celebrating African Excellence: Access Holdings Plc Celebrates Africa Day 2024


As the continent of Africa continues to stride confidently into the future, Access Holdings Plc stands at the forefront of celebrating African excellence. On this auspicious occasion of Africa Day 2024, Access Holdings Plc proudly commemorates the rich range of cultures, achievements, and potential that define our beloved continent. Under the theme ‘Celebrating African Excellence,’ Access Holdings Plc reaffirms its commitment to championing innovation, progress, and inclusivity across Africa.

Honouring African Heritage

Africa Day is an annual commemoration of the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) on May 25, 1963. The OAU, now known as the African Union (AU), is a continental body that promotes unity, cooperation, and development among African countries. By extension, Africa Day is a celebration of the identity, culture, and history, as well as a recognition of the challenges and triumphs that we experience as a people.

Access Holdings, a truly indigenous global institution, boasting a presence in 21 countries across the world – with 14 in Africa – recognises the need to celebrate the unity in the continent’s diversity, honouring the heritage that binds us together. Through various initiatives, including cultural showcases and community engagement, Access Holdings Plc promoted a deep appreciation for Africa’s vibrant traditions and customs across all its subsidiaries.

Celebrating African Excellence at Access Holdings Plc

Within the halls of Access Holdings Plc, the spirit of African excellence permeates every facet of operations. From the boardroom to the Executive Trainees, employees are encouraged to embrace their diverse cultures and unique perspectives. This is reflected in how employees were encouraged to don traditional attires and share local cuisines. There was also a best fit competition in the entire group, with a nice present awarded to the winner as determined by verified votes. The competition’s goal was to promote a stronger sense of community and cross-cultural adoption across the Group.

Why does a corporation pay so much attention to the commemoration of Africa Day? One might ask.

Beyond the Group being proud to associate with the continent it calls home, at the heart of Access Holdings Plc’s mission lies a dedication to connecting people to exceptional opportunities and driving sustainable development. Furthermore, the Group’s DNA is aptly captured in this year’s theme. Over the last 20 years, Access Holdings has been the fastest growing financial institution in Africa, serving over 60 million customers through a network of more than 700 branches and 28,000 employees.