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Our offerings and innovations are inspired by Africa, for the world.

Our offerings and innovations are inspired by Africa, for the world. Connecting all people to opportunities that will grow economies, develop societies and preserve our planet, is how we at Access Corporation are creating a better future for all.

Businesses Businesses


Banking remains at our core, now equipped to provide best in class, seamless and consistent Customer Experience, and service delivery in its operations in Nigeria, and across its 14 subsidiaries in Africa, Europe, and Asia


We recognize that Insurance is key to sustaining businesses, and it is a tool to protect intergenerational wealth and benefit societies. Access Insurance Brokerage provides a value-added insurance brokering service focused on your individual and business protection needs.


A Payment Services Company that drives payments domestically, across the African continent and beyond. Primarily a business services company that makes payments simpler, faster, and more efficient. The focus is on Switching, Card Processing, New and Emerging Payments including managing the Access Payment gateway to facilitate e-commerce.


A consumer lending company, serving individuals and SMEs. The products on offer will include buy now pay later loans, car loans, small mortgages, salary-based loans, working capital loans, durable goods loans, point of sale loans and much more. This is a digital business, focused on speed, convenience, and value.


At Access Pensions, we aspire to a world where every generation can confidently shape its future because the best way to predict the future is to create it. That is why we follow a research-driven, top-down, and bottom-up approach to securities analysis and portfolio construction in making investment decisions. We are here to help you shape your future.

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