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Access Holding's Rights Issue is now open. This is your unique opportunity to get on board and deepen your investment in an institution that is committed to delivering exceptional value and returns.

Offer Opens

July 8th, 2024

Offer Closes

Aug 14th, 2024

Rights Ratio

1 for every 2 shares held

Rights Price


Per Share


We've made it easy for you to buy with multiple convenient digital platforms. The Rights Issue can be bought through any of the following channels:

The AccessMore app. New and existing customers of Access Bank who are also shareholders of Access Holdings Plc can make purchases on the Access more app.

Account holders and Non-Account holders who are shareholders of Access Holdings can also make purchases.
Click here to get started.

Other Channels

Frequently Asked

Access Holdings Plc is planning to raise up to N351billion through a Rights Issue. The proceeds of which will be used to support ongoing working capital needs, including funding for strategic expansion, organic growth in the banking business and consolidation of investments in the non-banking subsidiaries, in line with our 2023-2027, five-year strategy.

A Rights Issue is an invitation to existing shareholders to purchase additional new shares in proportion to their existing shares. Access Holdings Plc Rights Issue is on the basis of one new share for every two existing shares (1 for 2), held by existing shareholders as of the qualification date.

The issue price is set at N19.75 (Nineteen Naira Seventy-Five Kobo only), while the qualification date is 7th June 2024. To qualify, you must be a shareholder as of 7th June 2024.

The issue size is 17,772,612,811 (Seventeen Billion, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Two Million, Six Hundred and Twelve Thousand, Eight Hundred and Eleven), ordinary shares ranking pari-passu with the existing ordinary shares of the Company.

The Rights Issue is an opportunity for you, our esteemed shareholder, to increase your investments in Access Holdings Plc, positioning you for long term capital appreciation and sustainable dividend value accretion.

Yes, we have all the necessary approvals in place from all stakeholders including the Board, our esteemed shareholders as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The Rights Issue opens on July 8, 2024, and closes on August 14, 2024.

This information is contained in the rights circular sent to you by Atlas Registrars Ltd

Please contact Atlas Registrars Ltd by calling 02012272574 or send an email to 

You can also contact any of the Receiving agents, Stockbrokers and Access Rights Offer Helpdesk at 0201-2273025 or 0201-2802530. Alternatively, you can send an email to

The parties to the issue are contained in the Rights circular and are all approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Shareholders with updated contact details will receive this information You can also log into the e-Receiving Agent Portal to see your Shareholder ID

You can pay for your rights through any of the following channels:

Note: All shareholders that submit a paper application must be captured digitally and collect their proof of payment for the Rights Offer.

Yes, you can at any time during the offer period. Simply subscribe for the additional shares required and pay through any of the payment channels during the offer period.

Note: The request for additional units is subject to availability. If unallotted, all monies will be returned to the shareholder by the Registrar.

Yes, you can. If you refuse to exercise your rights, you can trade them on the Nigeria Exchange (NGX) during the issue period, or they will be deemed to have been renounced.

If you encounter any issue, please contact Access Rights Issue Helpdesk at 0201-2273025 and 0201-2802530 or send an email to

You can also contact Atlas Registrars Ltd by calling 02012272574 or send an email to

After the Rights Issue closes, allotment will take place on [indicative date], subject to regulatory approval. You will subsequently be notified by Atlas Registrars Ltd.

The Rights Issue creates for you, our esteemed shareholder, the chance to increase your investments in Access Holdings Plc, positioning you for long-term capital appreciation and sustainable dividend growth.

We are transitioning from the investment phase of our strategic cycle to consolidation, which aims to deliver sustainable dividend payouts and capital appreciation on your investments.

The Central Bank of Nigeria reserves the right to conduct a verification process.

Yes, all shareholders whose names appear in the shareholding register as of the qualification date are encouraged to participate.

For further information on the dematerialization of share certificates and unclaimed dividends, please contact your stockbroker or Coronation Registrars.



Amount of stock that is sold to a shareholder

The distribution of additional shares to existing shareholders in proportion to their current holdings during a rights issue


The terms under which new shares are offered, including the ratio and the price.

It is the commission paid to the brokers for the purchase and sale of shares.


The amount payable by shareholders to subscribe to new shares, sometimes collected in installments.

The time period between the filing of the registration statement with the appropriate authorities (i.e. SEC) and the offer of securities.


The reduction in the ownership percentage of existing shareholders


The number of new shares a shareholder can purchase, based on their existing shareholding and the rights issue ratio

The date on which the shares begin trading without the rights attached; buyers of shares on or after this date are not entitled to the rights issue.


Filing is the process of submitting important information and documents to SEC before an Offer


A meeting of shareholders where approval for the rights issue is often sought


The duration shareholders have held their shares, which may impact their decision to participate in the rights issue


The duration shareholders have held their shares, which may impact their decision to participate in the rights issue

The total amount that the company aims to raise from the offer

An institution that organizes the arrangements associated with an issue of securities

The preliminary price estimated issue price


In cases where shares are held jointly, all joint holders must agree on whether to exercise the rights


Important dates in the rights issue process, such as the record date, ex-rights date, and subscription period


The process of making the securities officially quoted on the notified stock exchange for the trade.


The current trading price of the company’s shares, which can influence shareholders' decisions on participating in the rights issue.


Rights Shareholders cannot sell their rights; they must either subscribe to the new shares or let the rights lapse.


The first day a security is publicly offered for sale

An option that commonly allows the sale of additional shares than a company initial intend to issue

The situation in which a high number of investors who have an interest in buying shares of a company that the amount being offered.


The part of the issued capital of a company that has been paid up by the shareholders

The temporary allocation of shares to shareholders who have applied for them, pending final confirmation by SEC


The part of the issued capital of a company that has been paid up by the shareholders

The temporary allocation of shares to shareholders who have applied for them, pending final confirmation by SEC


A bank responsible for receiving the proceeds of the offer, collect and verify subscription application forms and manage the associated finances

The official or corporation responsible for maintaining a company's share register.

This enables shareholders to sell their rights to purchase new shares on the open market if they do not wish to exercise them

A document which contains relevant information on the Rights Issue in line with the provisions of the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission

A rights issue is a means for a company to raise funds by offering its existing shareholders the right to purchase additional shares

A tour taken by a company in order to attract interest in its securities; attended by potential buyers, including institutional investors, analysts, and asset managers


The intrinsic value of the rights, calculated as the difference between the current market price of the shares and the issue price.

An agent, authorised to buy and sell shares on behalf of a client.

The monies paid or payable by the Initial Shareholders for each of their right Shares pursuant to the terms of the Offer Document.

The timeframe during which shareholders can subscribe to the new shares


A process that allows shareholders who do not wish to subscribe to the new shares to sell their rights to other investors who may be interested in buying them. In a renounceable rights issue, the rights can be traded on the stock exchange


When an underwriter guarantees the purchase of any unsubscribed shares, ensuring the company raises the intended capital.


When a company decides to not continue with its proposed offering of securities

The time between when the registration statement is filed and the date it becomes effective.


The return shareholders expect from participating in the rights issue, factoring in potential price appreciation and dividends


The concept that the total value of the company’s equity remains the same before and after the rights issue, but the ownership structure and per-share value may change


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