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Access Bank Partners 9ijakids on STEAM Fun Fest


Technology is an integral part of the “Future of Work” as a strong background in Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics (STEAM) will be non-negotiable for workers. STEAM is about design thinking, solving everyday problems creatively, critically and analytically. In recent times, a growing demand for STEAM related skills has emerged however there is a shortage of STEAM talent to fill the role.

STEAM will play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of the nation’s economy and is a critical component to helping Nigeria in the future. It is estimated that 80 per cent of secondary school students are either uninterested or non-proficient in STEAM subjects. Sparking an interest in STEAM before secondary school is important for the education sector.

Access Bank has built a reputation for helping to equip the next generation with the relevant skills to succeed in the future. The Bank partnered 9ijakids, an initiative of Lorem Excellentiam on the STEAM Fun Fest which held in May 2021.

A virtual STEAM Fair was organized for children aged 7-13years, aimed at sparking a love for STEAM through career talks, fun STEAM activities and games. This virtual event impacted over 1,300 children across Nigeria and outside the country with prizes awarded to kids who performed well in the breakout rooms and STEAM trivia games.

Apart from the webinar, a STEAM competition was organized where children created videos of their STEAM creation. The competition was focused on solving a problem at home or within their communities using STEAM.

To foster inclusive and quality education among children during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria which disrupted the educational system, the Bank also launched the Access 9ijakids initiative. This is an online financial literacy platform for children at zero cost. The program impacted over 100,000 children and parents with financial literacy education, 1,700+ children played the games with 150+ rewarded and 150+ Early-Savers account customers generated. For more information on the 9ijaKids initiative, see